Initial Wellness Consult with Gary Young, CNC –   

We’ve all heard you need to eat right for your type. But do you know what your type is? Do you know what foods are working for your body, and what foods are actually working against it? If you are physically not where you want to be, or you have health and fitness goals that appear to be just out of reach, this could be be the solution. Includes a 90-minute consultation with nutrition plan and a custom detox foot bath. 

Food Intolerance/Nutrient Deficiencies Testing – 

We offer the most comprehensive analysis available testing you against over 600 items including food items like wheat, gluten, dairy, lactose, nuts, and non-food items like pollen and dust mites.  Do you think it might be something else causing the problems such as a pet or a product? Our lab can process up to 5 additional products with your sample. We also include a free nutritional deficiency test. Our lab tests cam identify all 80 key nutrients potentially missing from your diet.

Metabolic/Digestive Testing and Profile – 

One size does not fit all when it comes to wellness, and that’s where our metabolic testing services set us apart. Through the years we have found that true health is possible by facilitating the body’s natural ability to heal itself with food, enzymes, minerals, herbs and other nutrients that are missing from the modern diet. Nutritional needs change throughout your lifetime and the foods and the amounts of specific nutrients required will vary. Gary offers guidance tailored to your needs using custom solutions to match your unique biochemistry, lifestyle, and environment.

Aqua-Chi or TrueRife Detox Foot Bath –

The Aqua Chi Foot Bath has helped thousands of people boost their energy levels, increase vitality and achieve optimal wellness. When you need a good detox, we offer an amazing array of frequencies that can be applied using DC current. Sound and light heal up to 10 times more effectively in saltwater. Our most popular session. (35-60 minutes)

TrueRife Plasma Sessions –

Rife technology was developed in the 1930s by a microbiologist named Dr. Royal Raymond Rife. It involved aiming specific sound frequencies (piggy-backed onto a particular carrier wave for deep penetration), and his technology is still helping people reach their wellness goals today. Often it is useful to have a Plasma Tube session, and follow up with a detox foot bath – both to reinforce the plasma tube work and detox the body.

Brainwave Entrainment Audio Programs –

Sound and music have been used for centuries in may cultures to trigger shifts in consciousness. With special Deep Vision GanzFrames over your closed eyes and headphones over your ears, you are immersed in colorful geometric jewel like patterns and entrancing sounds. The light and sound pulse rate shifts from state to state as the session progresses; mental activity will follow the pulse rate of the machine and fall into synch with the changes. You choose the brainwave pattern, background music, and environmental sounds for a unique session. Systems with customized programs also available.

Customized Brainwave Entrainment Programs –

Whether you need a little help falling asleep, managing stress, or just need a little more focus in your life, Gary has just the Brainwave Entrainment Program just for you. Systems with customized programs also available.

Brainwave Entrainment Experience –

Add brainwave entrainment to your detox foot bath for an amazing sensory experience.

Life Coaching with Melissa Miller Young, MLC –

Any time there is a gap between where you are, and where you want to be, a life coach can help. Whether you want to change careers, find a healthy relationship, take your business to a new level, improve professional or personal relationships, or deepen your self understanding, I will work with you to develop a roadmap and support you while you take the steps to reach your goals. (60-minute session)

No medical claims are made or implied for any of our services, nor through the use of TrueRife devices or frequency sets. These services are not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent, treat or mitigate any medical condition or disease.  Please consult a qualified physician for any medical conditions.